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Enter your vehicle’s registration number and we'll tell you everything about its history, financial status, running costs, and much more.

How our car history checks work

How it works

You enter your vehicle’s registration number.
We’ll consult and compile information from the DVLA, amongst other government agencies, to provide you with our free, convenient report.
If you require additional information, including outstanding finance and stolen checks, you can upgrade to our basic or comprehensive reports.

Your free car history check

Access to vital information about your vehicle, for free. Just enter a registration number and enjoy a detailed timeline of your car’s history, a full MOT and road tax report, and an estimation of running costs.

Free Car Check

Avoid buying a car that’s been reported as scrapped.

With our basic check find out if the car you’re interested in has been reported as scrapped or imported and previous keepers. We’ll also tell you about any colour or license plate modifications, and we’ll verify the authenticity of the vehicle’s VIN and engine number – so you can be sure you’re getting the car you think you are.

Basic Car Check

Avoid buying a car with outstanding finance.

Knowing if the car you’re buying has any outstanding finance can save you from a lot of heartache. With our comprehensive check we’ll tell you the car’s current financial situation, with any outstanding finance laid out clearly for you to see. Save yourself from the burden of unknown debt.

Avoid buying a stolen car

We’ll tell you if the car you’re about to buy has been reported as stolen, so you can be sure you’re handing money over to the vehicle’s legitimate owner. We’ll also tell you about any mileage anomalies, or indications that the car’s odometer has been tampered with.

Comprehensive Car Check

Basic Check

Just some key info

Perfect for getting just some key info or if you need multiple car checks. Cheapest car check in the UK.

Everything in our Free Check
Car factsheet
Valid documentation check
50 more datapoints
Lifetime access on any device



Comprehensive Check


Everything covered

Includes everything in the basic check, a full valuation and finance check, powered by Experian™. For those who need all the details.

Everything in the Basic Check
Full finance check
Written off (Accident check)
Car factsheet
Valid documentation check
50 more datapoints
Lifetime access on any device


£4.99 each for 5 or more checks.

Free Check

Great for starting out

Perfect for some basic car information including our one and only running costs estimator and car history timeline.

No email required
No limits
Running costs estimator
Car history timeline
Full MOT status and history
Road tax check
Limited Car details
Lifetime access on any device





What is Carcheck123?


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What checks do you offer?


What does the free check include?


What is the difference between the basic and comprehensive car checks?


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How long does the check take?


Where do you get your information from?

Why choose Carcheck123

A report that’s concise and easy to read

We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring the information we gather for you is well presented and easy to understand.

Instant information - instant peace of mind

After you enter your registration number your report will be ready instantly. No need to wait around. Get peace of mind whenever it’s convenient for you.

The UK’s most comprehensive free car checks

With our free car check we include everything you’d find on other websites, and plenty more.

Lowest cost car check in the UK

You won’t be able to find out for less if your vehicle’s been scrapped, or if the VIN and engine number are authentic.

We’re one of a kind

Our unique car history timeline and interactive running cost estimator mean we’re the easiest place to check all your cars information.

No email or sign up for free checks

We’re in the business of data – we know it’s value and how important it is to people. That’s why we’ll never ask for your email or other sign-up information except for payment processing and login for our paid checks.
Why choose Carcheck123

About us

At Carcheck123 we strive to be to be the ultimate source for car history data. We continue to strive to provide you with peace of mind about your current vehicle, or the vehicle you are looking at purchasing.
We’ll find all the information available about a vehicle before you buy.
You can rest easy knowing the vehicle you’re thinking about buying has been thoroughly checked.
Carcheck123 – the instant car history check. As easy as 123.