Bath Congestion Charge

The Bath Clean Air Zone is a class C CAZ meaning there is no charge for private cars or any motorbikes. It covers the city centre and charges are generally £9 per day for Taxis, Minibuses or Vans and £100 per day for Coaches, Buses and HGVs that aren't Euro 6 compliant. Charges for driving in Bath's Clean Air Zone apply 7 days a week from midnight to midnight, all year round.

Payment of the CAZ charge needs to be made up to 6 days before or within 6 days after driving within the zone. If you don't you may end up with a £120 fine in addition to the charge.

By entering the reg of a vehicle you can not only check if your vehicle is liable to pay the Bath Congestion Charge but also check every other vehicle charging zone (CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ) in the UK. You also get access to all the information in our free car check, for free! No limits, no signup. Always free.